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Job Description

Are you an experienced Senior Architectural Technician or Senior Architect ready to take on challenging and impactful projects? Join our thriving team based in Sussex, with flexible work arrangements and exciting opportunities to contribute to high-profile re-cladding and retrofit projects.

 Senior Architectural Technician/Senior Architect
Location: Sussex/London
Sector: Residential/Commercial
RIBA Stages: 3-6 - Involved in handover
Software: Revit/AutoCAD
Salary: £48-53k

  • Work on significant projects involving re-cladding, high-rise buildings, and large-scale retrofits, taking a technical lead from RIBA Stages 3 onwards.
Work Environment:
  • Location: Based in West Sussex office offering a collaborative and dynamic environment. 
  • Working Hours: Flexible, with most team members enjoying one day of remote work per week. 
  • Reason for Vacancy: Increased workload, a focus on cladding remediation, more repeat work, and a surge in fee proposals have opened up exciting opportunities within our team.
  • Sector: Engage in diverse projects spanning residential and commercial sectors.
  • RIBA Stages: Dive into the heart of projects from Stages 3 to 6, actively contributing to the handover process.
  • Software: Showcase your expertise in Revit and AutoCAD, utilizing cutting-edge technology in your role.
  • Salary and Benefits: A competitive salary ranging from £48-53k, reflective of your experience and contributions.
Team Dynamics:
  • Join a stable and thriving team of 32 individuals, contributing to both architectural projects and expert witness services.