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We've been recruiting Architects, Interior Designers and Visualisers since 1999.

Our consultants are experts in the marketplace, they care about what they do and they'll give you practical advice and insight. We like to work closely alongside our clients and candidates to listen, consult and make the right match.

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  • Working styles in Architecture & Interior Design


    Remote working continues to be a hot topic in Architecture and Interior Design. The pandemic has forced many teams to revert from traditional office-based working to a new remote working style. How do people working in Architecture and Interior Design want to work in the future? Is it the end of the office? Or do people still want to collaborate in person? We found out in our employment survey.

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  • Job security in Architecture & Interior Design


    For the first time in the history of FRAME Recruitment’s annual employment survey, we asked those who were currently employed if they were concerned about their job security. 63% said yes. With some practices ceasing operations and high-profile layoffs announced in the media, the impact on those in the industry and their feelings of insecurity in their roles has been immense.

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  • Unemployment in Architecture and Interior Design


    A staggering 30% of Architecture and Interior Design professionals are now unemployed. Utilising the data gathered from the Architecture & Interior Design Employment and Industry Review 2021, we share the devastating impact of the unemployment rate in the Architecture & Interior Design industry.

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