21 January 2024

​If you are preparing for an interview, avoid asking generic questions that do not give you more insight into your potential employer. As an Architecture or Interior Design candidate, you can also demonstrate your knowledge, critical thinking, and interest in the role by asking more specific and relevant questions in the interview.

Here are some strategies to help you ask impactful questions (that aren’t just asking about company culture):

Research the Company

Demonstrate your knowledge about the employer by asking questions that show you've done your homework. For instance, enquire about recent projects, the practice’s design philosophy, or any awards they've received.

Example: I've been impressed by your recent project XYZ. Can you provide more insights into the design philosophy behind it and how it aligns with the practice’s overall vision?

Project-Specific Questions

Ask about specific projects the employer has worked on and delve into the challenges faced and solutions implemented. This demonstrates your interest in the practical aspects of the role and your ability to think critically about design problems.

Example: I noticed your team worked on the ABC project. Could you share some of the challenges encountered during the design process and how your team addressed them?

Team Collaboration

Ask about the collaborative process within the design team. Ask how the teams are structured, how they communicate, and how ideas are shared. This illustrates your understanding of the importance of teamwork in the design field.

Example: How does the design team collaborate on projects? Can you describe the communication channels and processes in place to ensure effective teamwork?

Industry Trends and Innovations

Show your awareness of industry trends and innovations by asking about the employer’s approach to incorporating new technologies, sustainable practices, or emerging design concepts. This demonstrates your commitment to staying current in the field.

Example: In the rapidly evolving field of design, how do you stay ahead of new technologies and trends? Are there specific initiatives in place to incorporate sustainability practices into your designs?

Client Interaction

Ask about the employer’s approach to client relationships. Enquire about the extent of client involvement in the design process and how the company ensures client satisfaction. This demonstrates your understanding of the client-designer dynamic.

Example: I'm curious about the level of client involvement in the design process here. How does the company ensure that client expectations are met, and are there specific strategies for maintaining strong client relationships?

Professional Development

Ask about opportunities for professional development and growth. This could include mentorship programs, training sessions, or exposure to diverse projects. This shows your commitment to continuous learning and career advancement.

Example: What opportunities do you provide for professional development? Are there mentorship programs, training sessions, or chances to work on diverse projects to enhance one's skill set?

Design Process

Ask about the employer’s design process, from concept to completion. This can help you understand how the role fits into the larger picture and show your interest in the entire design workflow.

Example: I'm interested in understanding your design process from inception to completion. How are concepts developed, and what is the typical workflow for a project?

Feedback and Performance Review

Ask about the employer’s approach to feedback and performance reviews. Understanding how your performance will be evaluated and how feedback is given can help you gauge expectations and your growth potential.

Example: Could you elaborate on your approach to providing feedback and conducting performance reviews? How often are these reviews conducted, and what aspects are typically assessed?

Please remember to tailor your questions to the specific employer and position. Thoughtful and well-researched questions will not only showcase your expertise but also demonstrate your genuine interest in the role and the employer.

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