13 February 2023

In a step change from thriving, to surviving and recovering, and embracing a fast-paced comeback in 2022, architecture and interior design practices are faced with new people problems in a changed recruitment marketplace. Reward, workforce engagement, recruitment, retention, skill gaps, and benefits are at the top of the agenda.

2022 has not been a year where hiring managers and human resources professionals have been able to pick up the old rulebook. The marketplace has changed, as has the demand for candidates and their corresponding needs. People strategies have had to be re-evaluated. What is still current? What is not? What do people care about? Do we need more external help with recruitment?

Reinventing people strategies is taking a mix of strategic thinking, decision making and research. Being able to create solutions that solve short-term problems has needed to balance with medium and long-term business needs. How do we retain people? How do we attract new talent? What can we offer to give ourselves a competitive advantage? How do we deal with the rising cost of living?

As a business supporting the architecture and interior design sectors, we design our survey to reflect the conversations we are having with our clients and candidates, as well as ensure that it is reflective of how we see the wider marketplace.

My team and I have created this one of a kind survey to establish how the events of 2022 have impacted the UK’s architecture and interior design recruitment market.

This report shares highlights and trends in:

  • Career progression

  • Working styles

  • Overtime

  • Remuneration and pay rises

  • Benefits and bonuses

  • Job security

  • Retention

  • Career moves

"We are pleased we have been able to create this eighth consecutive survey. We would like to take this opportunity to say a heartfelt thank you to all the people who have taken part and supported us with our research over the years. It is always a pleasure to create these reports. We feel privileged that so many people working in the architecture and interior design sectors trust us with their thoughts and feelings and we can share trends and key findings with the wider community.

We hope that you have found this year’s report as thought-provoking and fascinating as it was to research, analyse and produce." 

Martin BennellManaging Director, FRAME Recruitment.

Whether you want to understand the state of the employment market, salary trends, retention predictions or working styles, download our guide today

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