02 February 2022

 Are you looking to make a crucial Architectural or Interior Design hire in 2022? More clients are hiring, and we are extremely busy supporting practices to source top talent for their teams.

With the hiring market being a difficult playing field to navigate, we wanted to share our top recruitment tips for securing the best people for your business.

Be prepared to move quickly and book interviews early

With increasing competition in the market for great talent, businesses can no longer afford to leave candidates waiting whilst they make hiring decisions. If a candidate is good, it is likely they will be interviewing for other opportunities.

From a recruiter’s point of view, when you have briefed us on a new role and we have sent across our top candidate CVs, these potential employees will more than likely have applied to many other practices. To get a head start, look at the CV and book interviews as soon as you can.

If you like someone, then tell them

If you meet and interview someone and you feel they would be a good fit for your practice, tell them and communicate this with your recruitment partner. This ensures that there are no unnecessary delays in the hiring process, and it means you could have your new hire in the position sooner than expected.

This communication helps your recruitment partner get a greater idea of what you are looking for in your candidates. It is a fantastic opportunity for your recruitment partner to give the candidate feedback after the interview and make sure they are still interested in the opportunity.

Be organised and prepared for interviews

A recruitment foundation that is often overlooked is to make sure you are familiar with the candidate’s CV ahead of time. Make notes on any particular projects you would like to discuss, or areas you think that they might be lacking in experience.

Once you begin an interview and start discussing a candidate’s previous projects, sometimes it can be easy to get into the flow of conversation and you might forget to talk about the areas you wanted to discuss. Too often we receive feedback that the interview felt rushed or even that the interviewer didn’t take time to look through the candidate’s CV. So, we advise our clients to avoid this feedback and ensure they are well prepared in advance. 

Offer candidates the expected salary

We have experienced practices losing people that they would have loved to hire because they have offered an offensive package, despite having the budget to meet the candidate’s requirements.

Great candidates are in high demand and they will know their worth. Ask yourself, if you had applied for a job with a given salary and you received an offer of £5K under, how would you feel? It can often leave candidates feeling that the hiring business does not see their worth.

If you like someone and their salary exceeds your hiring budget, be sure to leverage your recruitment partner for advice on negotiation.

Next steps

If you are looking for advice on how to source great candidates, or manage your current recruitment process, be sure to get in touch with our team for a confidential discussion today.

If you are currently seeking a new role, you can view all of our current vacancies online, or you can register yourself with a FRAME account so that we can help seek new positions on your behalf.

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