27 January 2022

Architecture and interior design have been significantly impacted during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some practices are still having to work in survival mode, whilst others are busy, in-demand, hiring new staff and prospering.

The COVID-19 pandemic has quickly made employees face adaption to new ways of working, including remote working, social distancing, reduced pay, loss of benefits such as staff events as well as being given more time to think and re-evaluate what is important to them in their careers.

As a business supporting the architecture and interior design industry, we design our survey each year based on the conversations we are having with practice leaders, hiring managers, as well as those who are seeking new opportunities in the market.

We have created this unique survey to establish how the events of 2021 have impacted the UK’s architecture and interior design recruitment market.

This report aims to highlight and establish trends in:

  • Remuneration

  • Employee benefits

  • Overtime

  • Working styles

  • Job seeking

  • Retention

"In our seventh consecutive year of running The Architecture & Interior Design Survey, we would like to say a huge thank you to the people who have taken part. We are privileged to be able to create and share this report again with the community. We have been astounded by the response and support of our previous reports and take our responsibility seriously to share the thoughts, feelings, and realities that people working in architecture and interior design face. We hope that you have found this year’s report as thought-provoking and fascinating as it was to research, analyse and produce."

Martin Bennell - Managing Director, FRAME Recruitment 

Read the Architecture & Interior Design Salary Survey and Employment Review 2022

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