14 December 2020

Have you ever considered taking your Architecture career to Cornwall? At FRAME Recruitment we are recruiting on behalf of CAD Architects for a Part III or Project Architect to join their Heritage & Consultancy team in the stunning location of Truro. We wanted to bring you an insight into why living and working as a Part III or Project Architect in Truro could be a great option for you.

A place of unique design

Cornwall is home to some of the most beautiful and unique buildings in the UK. With a real mixture of seaside cottages and modern designs, it is hard not to fall in love with the quaint architecture. In comparison to the small Cornish seaside towns, Truro is the only city in Cornwall and as such has more modern and commercial-style buildings. However, it is also home to Gothic Revival Architectural buildings, such as the city’s Victorian-era Cathedral, which is unmissable with its green spire and stained-glass windows. Walking down the stone-cobbled streets of Truro, you only have to look up to see stunning architectural designs and many 18th-century Georgian buildings. This is set amongst an array of palm trees and this is what makes the city’s aesthetic so unique. It is a true blend of old meets new.


If you are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, Truro could be the perfect place to embark on a new Architecture career. If you are used to living in a city like London, the Cornish way of life could take some getting used to, but this quayside city offers residents the luxury of urban living at a relaxed pace. You are close to the sea and countryside but still have the options for shopping, dining out and having access to everything that you need.

Culture and design

Truro is only a short drive away from some of Cornwall’s most famous Architectural projects that will be sure to inspire you, like The Eden Project in St. Austell, which is probably one of the most famous projects in the UK. Or the Tate – St. Ives, which overlooks Porthmeor Beach and is an attraction for Artists, Designers and Architects alike. Cornwall is also home to an abundance of art galleries, museums, and National Trust houses, where you will find incredible design and unlimited Architecture to soak up.

To recognise the city’s cultural and artist talent, Cornwall Council is even running a dedicated campaign to establish Truro as the European Capital of Culture in 2023.

Architecture aside, Truro is close to beautiful white beaches and coastal walks that attract tourists all year round. If you want to adjust to Cornish life, why not head to the beach to try surfing or swimming in the sea? If you like shopping, you will not be disappointed as Truro is the main shopping hub of Cornwall, where you will find both major high-street stores and small unique independent shops.

Cost of Living

The average annual salary in Truro is typically lower than in other major UK cities and Cornwall is a lot less expensive to live in than other UK counties, especially London. The cost of living will depend on what you expect your additional outgoings to be. The most expensive outgoing will be on housing. However, Truro’s housing market offers a lot more property for the price you pay when compared to London. Truro is one of the most cost-effective places to live in the entire county. This includes everything from rent to clothing, eating out, leisure facilities and grocery costs.


Due to the increased popularity of the area house prices in Truro have risen over the last few years but remain low in comparison to other UK cities. The average house price now stands at approximately £315,000 but the rising cost is promising for the local economy.

Renting a property before buying will ensure that you are certain about the area that you want to live in before committing. A three-bedroom apartment in the city centre will cost approximately £1,162 per month and outside the city will cost approximately £850.00 per month.

We suggest contacting a local real estate agent who will be able to source the best properties that are suited to your requirements.


Truro offers easy and reliable transport links to other counties outside of Cornwall. You can travel to London by direct train in just over four hours, so if you are required there for business or pleasure you can be there and back on the same day. Truro is also close to major A roads and motorways, so you are in easy access to neighbouring towns, which is perfect for exploring nearby attractions on offer.

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