23 August 2018

We are dedicated to finding new insight into the current business climate and we recently sat down with Joanna Phillips, HR Business Partner at CallisonRTKL.  She shared her predictions for the market in the next 18 months as well as what makes CallisonRTKL attractive to new employees.

CallisonRTKL is a design consultancy firm with offices across the globe, offering a plethora of services including Store Planning & Design, Interior Architecture & Design, Commercial Interiors and Brand Building to name a few and working in over 20 different markets. It was a great opportunity to gain insight from such a diverse firm.

You can explore the work of CallisonRTKL here in their project section

Over the next 18 months, which sectors do you predict being most busy and why?

A lot can change in 18 months but we have seen an increase in interest in Residential and Retail projects come in recently, with no let-up in sight.

We have completed some amazing residential projects, mainly focusing on the build to rent residential community. This type of project shows a change in the architectural market with these new purpose build to rent complexes being designed to meet the ever-growing demand for high-quality accommodation in cities.

Over the next 18 months, what obstacles do you predict for your market?

The summer period can always prove challenging once the schools are out. It affects the turnaround on project decisions by clients as the key decision makers can be away at different times throughout the long break.

The uncertainty of BREXIT is sure to be a common theme of being a potential obstacle amongst many businesses. No one can predict the impact of BREXIT, it may have an impact on us, and it may not, only time will tell.  It is the unpredictability of the situation that is making us consider it as a future obstacle.

What is your main unique selling point for attracting new talent?

We are proud to have a portfolio of diverse projects which can be a major attraction for new employees. We don’t limit ourselves to small or large projects or to one particular market, and so our teams get to develop a portfolio of wide-ranging work.  

We offer a good training programme and we continue to invest in improving this to ensure our training keeps up to date with our ever-changing market. We are still in the fortunate position to be able to continue to hire new members of the team and haven’t had to put any recruitment freezes in place like some other firms.    


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