What is life like as a Senior Leader at FRAME Recruitment? We caught up with Phil Terrell, Associate Director to hear more about his recruitment career and key role in the business.
When did you start your career in recruitment?

My recruitment journey began in 2011, which feels like a long time ago now. Like most people, I fell into recruitment because someone I knew worked in the industry. I was extremely naive to the opportunities that a career in recruitment could offer me.

Phil Terrell - Assoicate Director

I remember my first day as a recruitment consultant like it was yesterday. 12 years later, I am still working in the industry and loving it.

How has your career evolved in an ever-changing recruitment landscape?

Recruitment is a fast-paced role and things evolve quickly. One thing that has always remained solid in my career, through any landscape, is ensuring that I am supplying an outstanding recruitment service to my network.

I have worked through economical challenges that pushed me in my career. But if you can ensure you are offering a good service, even through challenging times, your career will evolve in a positive way.

I have also seen my career evolve through the use of technology and industry innovations. Now, I can connect with my architecture and design network through social media. When I started, I had a book of clients and candidates that I would call.

I love that I can reach thousands of people at once on platforms such as LinkedIn, or through different communication channels via our highly innovative and data rich CRM system.

How do you ensure that as a senior recruitment expert, you stay ahead of the curve?

You need to immerse yourself within the industry you are recruiting for. At FRAME, we are always trying to attend industry events, read the latest news and meet our clients and candidates.

You also need to have an interest in the industry you are working in. I have always been interested in architecture, and that helps me build professional relationships in an authentic way.

What does your role entail as Associate Director of FRAME Recruitment?

My role is to ensure that FRAME's long-standing reputation grows across the world of architecture and design recruitment.

I am also here to support and guide our team of recruitment professionals in their careers.

I have developed a lot of expertise over my 12 years in recruitment, and it is a privilege to be able to share this with a team of extremely ambitious individuals.

Did you always envisage your recruitment career progressing to this level?

When I first started in recruitment, I had no idea where my recruitment career could take me. Initially, I was focused on learning about the processes and the industry I was recruiting within. There is so much to learn, and it can be extremely overwhelming.

Once I got to grips with everything, I was able to focus on career development opportunities. It became clear that recruitment could be extremely lucrative and rewarding. My main goal was always to move into a management role, where I could support others to build successful recruitment careers.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to climb the recruitment career ladder?

The first year will be tough, and you’ll want to give up. Just know that your hard work will pay off if you stay committed to learning from the people around you and make use of the training you are given.

What is your most memorable career moment to date?

Making my first placement - nothing beats that feeling. I managed to place a candidate with a client that the business I was working for had struggled to build a relationship with.

After weeks of perseverance, I successfully placed someone into the client’s team. They liked them so much that they became one of my key accounts.

Could you describe the FRAME culture in three words?

Collaborative, professional and fun.

What skills are needed to do well at FRAME?

To do well at FRAME you need to be an ambitious team player. We have a very inclusive and collaborative team who are constantly sharing candidates and leads.

What do you think it takes to be a successful recruitment consultant?

Recruitment is all about people and so you need to provide your clients and candidates with an unmatched recruitment service.

You need to be seen as an authentic trusted advisor and someone who can comfortably talk to industry professionals about their projects, portfolios, CVs and offer valuable career advice.

There is more to recruitment than placing people into jobs.

How is FRAME Recruitment different from other recruitment businesses you have worked in?

We are true people specialists in architecture and interior design. We will never deviate from that. We know what we are good at, and we will continue to build and develop in the sector.

What makes our team unique is that there is a great team culture, genuine team collaboration and no big egos. No matter what your personality is, everyone has a voice.

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