Graduates Guide to Job Hunting

As a new graduate, you want to make sure that you find a job as quickly as possible (we have all been there!), however there are a number of things that grads neglect when applying to their first job. Below are my top 4 tips for graduates.


1. Always make sure that you have spent time on your portfolio and CV.

A CV and a Portfolio is the first impression that potential employers are going to get from you. I look at hundreds of CV’s a week from graduate visualisers and graphic designers each week. The main problem? People who obviously have a passion and aptitude for creativity forget to make their CV and Portfolio look attractive. My advice; spend time on your CV and portfolio! Don’t make your CV look like you have spent 5 minutes knocking it up in word, take the time to make it look visually interesting and reflect the job you are going into! Make your portfolio interesting with a variety of images and explanations of your projects. I appreciate that you may not have a huge portfolio having only just graduated, but trust me; four or five quality images will make all the difference. Don’t worry about making your CV as long as “Lord of The Rings”, employers understand you have just graduated and are looking for a position! 

2. Understand your industry.

As a professional in the industry, I always make sure I am up to date on the latest industry news and happenings. As a graduate you have a fresh take on things, with vibrant ideas, and it’s essential that you continue to research the industry that you are about to enter. Always make sure that you have credible knowledge within your field.  

3. Keep learning new skills.

While you are job hunting, use the time to learn new skills within your field. Take time to learn new software or test yourself with creating a personal project within a sector you haven’t experienced. By constantly trying to widen your skill set, you will also be challenging yourself as well making your application to a new position stronger. 

4. Be prepared to go the extra mile.

You must remember that you will be one of thousands competing for a graduate position within your field. Be prepared to go the extra mile with your application. Write a detailed cover letter supporting your CV and Portfolio, tailoring it to why you want to work for the company. Spend time on making your application stronger and making sure it stands out.


Hannah Scanlan

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