Chloe Ireland shares what life is really like working with interior design studios and professionals as a Recruitment Consultant at FRAME Recruitment.
Chloe Ireland - A day in the life of a Recruitment Consultant

8:30 am: I arrive at work and am ready for a productive day. As a business, we are thriving and we have so many jobs that we are recruiting for, I like to ensure I am in the office on time to get set up for my day. Often, I like to use our amazing flexi-time policy and arrive at 9 am but today I need an earlier start.

First things first though, coffee and a catch-up with the team.

8:40 am: Before I do anything, I make it a priority to go through any urgent emails that have come in overnight. This is crucial if you are collaborating with clients and guiding candidates through interview processes.

9:15 am: We are in such a candidate-led market now but so many of our clients require top industry talent to join their teams, so it's time to go through new candidate applications. This is something that needs to be always kept on top of.

9:30 am: I have had a beautiful and impressive interior design portfolio come through with an application to join an awarding-winning studio with which I am working. I know my client will love this designer's work.

Time to get the ball rolling and hopefully we can get an initial interview set up.

9:45 am: Great news – just as predicted they want to set up a video call with the candidate. I better let them know the good news and send them our video interview guide.

11:00 am: I always aim to dedicate some time to market research on LinkedIn and industry websites. This is an extremely helpful way to stay updated on what is going on in the world of interior design.

Being aware of the changes in the industry is helpful when you are talking to clients but also because you know which projects may need more interior designers, which is something that I can help with.

11:30 am: A studio has just called saying they need to hire five people. I need to research the company and get a feel for the type of designers that would be a great cultural fit for their team.

12:00 pm: I have a video call with the company at 14:30 pm but I need to get some fresh air and grab a bite to eat.

The team is heading out for a walk in the sun – which sounds ideal to me. We are a sociable team, with great workplace culture and we tend to take lunch together. It’s an enjoyable way to step away from our desks and catch up on anything non-work-related.

14:30 pm: It’s time to pitch a variety of recruitment services to the studio I spoke to this morning. I am fully prepped, and I think we could be great recruitment partners for them. Let’s see how it goes.

15:30 pm: The call went so well, and they are happy to agree to our full recruitment terms for the five positions. It just shows when you are prepared and dedicate time to becoming an expert in your sector, you get results.

I’d better start sourcing interior designers for the roles. They have some requirements, but I have some people in mind. That’s what is great about having an extensive network, you have people in your mind for certain roles.

16:30 pm: Is that the time already? That was a great power hour of candidate sourcing and I already have interested designers. I’m going to send them over to the new client so that they can review them tomorrow morning.

16:45 pm: Time to catch up with one of my candidates that had an interview this afternoon. Fingers crossed it went well.

17:00 pm: Fantastic news, they had positive feedback. I have booked to catch up with the client tomorrow morning. Hopefully, this will be another placement.

I’ve got half an hour left until I plan to leave – I always use this time to action my unopened or flagged emails, along with my plan of action for tomorrow. It is super important to be organised in this job.

17:30 pm: What a productive and successful day. Time to head home and relax before another busy day tomorrow.

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