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Sleep & Eat 2020

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This year Sleep & Eat will bring you an online virtual experience that you will not forget. The three-day event is aimed at designers, hoteliers, and restaurateurs alike. Will you be tuning in? 

At FRAME Recruitment, we look forward to Sleep & Eat every year and we never miss it. So, if you are anything like our Design Recruitment team, you will want to be sure that your diary is booked out from 17th-19th November 2020. There are so many online events to choose from, and this is a perfect opportunity to learn about the latest industry trends and designs.  

What can you expect? 

Sleep & Eat has been running for the last 15 years, and its organisers do not plan on stopping now. Promising to provide a virtual destination for industry experts to network and learn, this will be the first all-virtual format using video meetings and virtual tours.  

Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from experts in the hospitality and design industry, catch up with other Designers, listen to thought leaders, and experience 360 interactive tours that would have usually been experienced by attendees in person.  

As Sleep & Eat is one of the most popular events in the Design calendar, we advise taking some time to register, browse, and make a list of the online talks, tours and workshops that you want to attend. There is so much to choose from, and we have already picked out a few of our favourites.  

Hotel 2035 Virtual Tour – Access at any time 

Attendees will experience an online virtual tour of the 3D Hotel 2035, which aims to set the scene for the future of hospitality. There is no hotel like it and you can expect to get a sneak peek into the designs of talented creatives and hotels alike, who have come together to create Sleep & Eats virtual Sleep Sets, a Hotel Lobby, Lounge Bar, Cocktail Bar, Restaurant and Networking Lounge. 

You will receive your own hotel walk and be some of the first people to experience a one of a kind hotel design. Find out more here

There will also be a panel discussion on “Hotel 2035 – F&B Designer Vignettes” – by the NEWH UK Chapter – Wednesday 18th November which we advise attending if you want to get the real insights into the people and ideas behind this extraordinary hotel concept.  

Panel – Opening & Re-Opening for Businesses – Tuesday 17th November 2020 

It is no secret that the Design industry has been heavily impacted by the global COVID-19 pandemic, but industry experts from The Mayfair Townhouse, The Guardsman Hotel, Great Scotland Yard Hotel and Philippa Wagner Consultancy will share some of the new properties that have opened throughout the pandemic or that plan on opening as soon as they can. These experts will discuss how they have managed such a process through extremely challenging times.  

If you want to learn about some of the key skills that you could apply to your own career projects, and understand more about all of the operational and leadership elements that are required to lead projects through difficult economic climates, register to listen to the panel here.  

Keynote – Designers as Problem Solvers – Wednesday 18th November 2020 

Now more than ever, there has not been a better time to be able to solve problems within the industry. With the industry facing such a turbulent and uncertain climate, it is now not enough to be viewed as a creative. Designers and architects must be strategic and analytical problem solvers. Adam D.Tihany, Founder of Tihany Design and world-renowned leading designer, will deliver a keynote speech to share his expert opinion and tips on how the industry should be rethinking the way it works and consumes design. To establish the foundations for a better future for the industry.  

Find out more here

Debate Club – Thursday 19th November 2020 

If you want to hear a variety of opinions from some of the industry’s most reputable names, Sleep & Eats Debate Club is the event to attend. Listen to industry leaders’ debate on whether the world’s major hotel developers will be able to (or not) construct sustainable properties over the next 15 years. A topic that has been making waves in the industry as more designers becoming more environmentally conscious.  

These experts will be put to the test and judged by their online audience, where attendees will have the opportunity to voice their opinions and ask questions. At the end of the session, the debate panel will be voted on, by you, the audience. Who will win? Be sure you attend the debate to find out and have your say.  

Register for your attendance here.  

What else does Sleep & Eat have to offer? 

If you want to stay connected with other industry experts and suppliers, the Sleep & Eat virtual video meetings programme allows you to meet with people from all over the world. This is the perfect opportunity to build new relationships and hopefully set the foundations for new business prospects. 

Simply create a profile and send video meeting invitations. It is that simple. The events dedicated team of matchmakers will be on hand to support you with this too.  

Find out more here.