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Overtime in Architecture and Interior Design

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When it comes to the balance of home life and work, are employers putting excessive pressure on employees to work unpaid overtime? Or do employees just see it as part of the job? We brought back our question on unpaid overtime for this year’s survey to find out if employees are still doing it and whether there have been any significant changes over the last few years.


Employees are working less overtime compared to 2017, albeit marginally. We frequently hear candidates talk about ‘not leaving until the job is done’ but does this decrease highlight a future change in business as usual?

The sentiment of staff might be that they are unwilling to work unpaid overtime. Last year, employees highlighted their need for a better work-life balance which unpaid overtime does not meet.

From another angle, we would also like to believe that employers have noted the desire from employees of better work-life balance and are trying to make adjustments. Either way, we eagerly anticipate what the next year’s results will be.


This is an extract taken from our Salary and Employment Review 2020. If you would like to read our full Architecture and Interior Design Salary and Employment Review, then you can download here.

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