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Gender Diversity within Architecture

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Gender equality in the workplace is something which has been hotly discussed on a global platform. Some argue that a balance in genders in senior management is key to a successful business, and is at the forefront of the diversity strategies of many corporations.

When I first saw a post on LinkedIn regarding the gender balance within architecture, I thought back to the conversations I have had with some fantastic Architects and Technicians within the industry, some at director level, and some newly qualified. There were those who had felt that the imbalance had made it a difficult and potentially hostile environment for women in the industry to succeed, and others had felt that this made no difference to their work environment at all. On the contrary, they felt that the dedication and skills developed through their career truly held the key to their success, regardless of gender.

Dezeen, one of the most visited architectural websites covering architectural projects and news worldwide, have recently researched the gender balance across the world's largest architectural practices as listed by the WA100. The results of their research were quoted as "quite shocking". Click here to read their article in full: and for more, take a look at the article written by the Architectural Digest:

It was great to see that companies such as Gensler are very close to a 50:50 ratio of males and females in the top three management tiers of the business, however for the vast majority of companies, this does not appear to be the case.

The WA100 are a small portion of the vast numbers of architectural practices worldwide. What do you think about the gender balance in architecture? Will focusing on a balanced senior management make a significant impact on opportunity and success?

I hope this article will be thought provoking, though the opinions are my own and not necessarily those of Frame.

By Rebecca Clark