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Civils 3D – What does Good Look Like?

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As a recruiter, it is hard to gauge from both clients and candidates whether CIVILS 3D is being used properly within the industry.

To some it is just another CAD package to use alongside Autocad whilst to others it is a necessary evil to comply with the demand for BIM compliant software.  On top of this both clients and candidates have different views of what is an acceptable level of experience.

I see CV’s from candidates claiming to have Civils 3d experience who on further questioning have just done a course and looking to gain a role, likewise I have also had experienced candidates attend interviews where they have passed a Cad Test with one client and yet fail a test with another client?

So I then start to question, how good the candidate is or alternatively how good is the test that they have taken? As an industry how do we establish what good looks like when we all have different expectations? 

Dave Hutchinson