No UK Experience, No Problem

“This candidate does not have any/enough UK experience” – A very common objection from clients after a 10 second glimpse of just 1 of the 25 cvs they have received that day, mostly from unqualified candidates.

Historically, or from my experience at least, any great engineers from overseas looking for a role in the UK were met with the same objection, “you have no UK experience”. This, as with a lot of things in life creates a vicious circle, without UK experience how do they get a job, without getting a job, how are they supposed to gain UK based experience?

However, change is in the air – are you changing with it?

In the last year I have seen a dramatic increase in the number of consultancies in the UK making offers to candidates from overseas, you guessed it, with no UK experience…but why?

Is it due the severe shortage of good engineers actively looking for work?

Is it because over the last 5 years, we have had a significantly less number of Graduates looking for roles in Civil Engineering?

Or is it because people are starting to see the transferable skills from fully qualified engineers from overseas?

I think in all honesty – it’s a bit of all three. Coupled with the mounting pressures of project deadlines, of course. Whatever it is – it’s working, for both candidates & clients.

Engineers are flourishing and consultancies are hitting deadlines – could this be the answer to the severely candidate short market place the UK is experiencing….

I know a number of people with some great success stories, would be great to hear how everybody else feels? What are your thoughts…?

Mike Darby

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