The Revit question – why aspiring technicians are struggling to break into the market?

In the current market… REVITis fast becoming the most sought after skillset to have or want to learn – the illusion that some technicians are under is that the self-taught 3 day REVIT course or 1month free REVIT trial and many other introductory REVIT related software packages are adequate enough to suggest that an experienced technician can therefore start looking at getting some practical experience and be taken seriously as a semi-proficient REVIT Tech. 

Clients Expectations: In Reality, my findings would suggest that the underlining truth before the aspiring REVIT Technician under the illusion that they are now fully armed with the tools to take on the REVIT world is such - most clients will only look at entertaining a potential job offer if they have a minimum of 12 to 18 months of Practical Exposure “Using REVIT Software in Anger” on a project and nothing less.

Therefore to expect the overinflated rate demands such as £40per hr + is not realistic. Now, don't get me wrong, there are firms that would be willing to put their staff through the correct REVIT Courses and on very rare occasions this option is also available to contractors.

My Advice: sign up to and attend the Revit Structures courses offered by Autodesk - and not just the Free Trial Courses - DO THE ADVANCED COURSE that offers a certificate.

One more proactive approach would be, If your current employer has the capability to do a Knowledge Smart Test (Proficiency test for Revit Software) - DO IT – It might surprise you to know how many employers are now requiring technicians to do a practical REVIT test at an interview.

Lastly at every opportunity you have to use “REVIT in anger” on a Project where possible,try and keep examples of your work to show your capability to future employees.

Morel of this Blog is not to Blag your way into a REVIT Role. Your inabilities will soon be found and there’s nothing worse than having egg on your face and reputation. Good Luck and keep improving. 

Wayne Wardle

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