What makes a great Interior Design Portfolio?

I often think that there should be more guidance to students before leaving further Education on Portfolios, how to put them together, what to put in them and presentation.

So often I speak with talented Designers, get excited of the prospect of working alongside them, only to receive a pdf catalogue of beautiful photographs that would not look out of place in a show home magazine or a swanky retail campaign.

Unfortunately, this tells me nothing of the skills of the individual, what they were involved with and their strengths as a Designer. Think of your Portfolio as a first interview…. A dangling carrot if you will! If Mr (or Mrs!) potential employer is going to pay you £x, what are you going to bring to the business?

Show me your technical drawings, your Sketch up models and your presentation boards… and please please show me your hand sketches! Letting a potential employer see your passion, creativity and hands on skillset, will make you stand out amongst the reels of impersonal and bland portfolios submitted by the masses.

Your Portfolio should be a wonderful demonstration of all you have to offer and how your mind creates or interprets the brief given; if you would like to discuss further, please get in contact with our experienced team, who can offer advice on putting Portfolios together.

Naomi Murdoch-Smith


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