Architecture & Design salary & employment review 2018 (1)


In November and December 2017 FRAME surveyed 13,500 employees, and many businesses, to gain an understanding of what 2018 may hold for employment within the Architecture & Design sector.

In this review, the largest and most comprehensive we’ve produced, we set out to report on employees’ attitudes as well as how businesses feel; Who are the best employers when it comes to the welfare of their people? How many employees have been in their job for less than one year? How have some practices improved their retention? How do candidates really go about looking for their next job? Will it get easier or harder in 2018? How many businesses felt that internal skills shortages restricted their ability to deliver their business objectives? These are questions which have not been asked before and in this report will be answered.

We are excited to publish our 2018 Architecture & Design Employment Review today. The full report is available to download (no registration required) here: 

Download the full report HERE

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